Mood Board Monday - Flamenco

Woohoo! Mood Board Monday is back gang! I'm pumped. Up until now, I was feeling too drained to put together mood boards. January kicked my butt. But just a few days into our extended break and I'm already feeling a hundred times more motivated. Doesn't hurt that Micah is also feeling much better. So, I'll say it again, woohoo! 

Source: TFA Red Label in Flamenco,  cat ,  dress ,  rainbow bokeh ,  nails ,  pants . 

Source: TFA Red Label in Flamenco, catdressrainbow bokehnailspants

The Flamenco colourway was one of my favourites from our last Etsy update - actually I have several new favourites from that update, I'm sure you'll be seeing more of them! Before it was officially named Flamenco, Chris and I referred to it as "black rainbow' because, well, that's essentially what it is. Every colour in the rainbow under a moody veil of black. I'm looking forward to seeing what projects you guys knit up with this colourway. 

What would you knit in Flamenco? I'd love a simple pair of mitts, or maybe a Flax sweater, something that really lets the colourway shine.