Have a great weekend!

We'll be working through the weekend, but in the evenings after the boys are in bed and I can sneak in a few moments of peaceful stitching I'll be knitting away on this little sweater I'm making for Micah. The truth is, it's a tiny prototype of a sweater that I really want to make for myself. I work best when I've got a project in front of me and I can actually knit through my ideas, but tackling an adult sweater that way sometimes means lots of time spent ripping and re-knitting, it's way more palatable (and adorable) to work out issues in a mini-version first. 

Can we please take a moment to appreciate how perfectly coordinated that gorgeous little stitch marker is to my knitting? This is the Slate colourway on DK, that stitch marker is from Fripperie & Bibelots on Etsy. Happy weekend!