The plan for the week

Alright guys, so I've got the plan for the week all worked out. You ready? I've officially uploaded my new Christmas In July pattern to Ravelry and to my patterns page! I'm beyond excited to have this one out in the world. I get so invested in my designs, particularly when I've got them percolating for over a year from start to finish (as I tend to do...). Pattern launch day is always so full of emotions. I'm letting my baby out into the wild, I hope she is received with love! Does that make me a psycho?  

I've got lots to say about this pattern, which I'm going to save for tomorrow, what you really want to know about is the Mini Sock Yarn Skein sets right? I will have loads available in my shop on Thursday, September 24th at 12pm (noon) EST. 

A few things you should know about the Mini Sock Yarn Skein sets: 

I've adjusted the yardage. They now include 60 yards of each colourway, for a total of 720 yards. This means that one kit is enough to make the Lifesavers cardigan or my new Christmas In July pattern in ANY of the sizes. Previously you had to buy 2 kits for the larger sizes, it was a pain. This also means that the price will be increased accordingly to $72 per kit. 

They are not available in unlimited quantities, once they are sold out they won't be available again until we make more (which should be next week, I'm planning smaller, more frequent updates to hopefully make it easier for people to nab a set). The last time I did an update I sold more than I had ready and it was torture trying to get them all out in time. I felt like I took too long with some of the orders and that's part of the reason why I haven't had them available in so long, I was afraid I'd run into the same problem. This time I have a very strict "don't sell more than you can reasonably make!" rule. I've also hired a friend to help me make these kits, so I'm super optimistic that I'll have one for everyone sooner than later!

I will not have Sweater Kits available. It's not possible to list a finite amount of Mini Sock Yarn Skein sets as well as Lifesavers Sweater Kits and Christmas In July Sweater Kits, in every size and main colour possibility. No big deal, just purchase the Mini Sock Yarn Skein set and whatever main colour you'd like for your sweater separately. 

One last thing: In 3 of the 4 samples I knit of the Christmas in July sweater I've used Sand (at the collar and then again at the end of the chart closest to the bust) but Sand is not included in the Mini Sock Yarn Skein sets which include just the bright rainbow colours, so be prepared to purchase an additional skein of Sand if you want to recreate the exact look.

Ok, so I think that just about covers it for now! Basically, set your alarms for Thursday at noon, but if you miss it, don't sweat it, you'll have another chance soon.