Mood Board Monday - Sweetheart

TFA Yellow Label DK Weight yarn in  Sweetheart ,  rock candy ,  ice cream cone ,  cotton candy ,  paint brush ,  glitter . 

TFA Yellow Label DK Weight yarn in Sweetheartrock candyice cream conecotton candypaint brushglitter

Sweetheart, totally not the colour of the season. I should be celebrating fall right!? Maybe, but hear me out for a second. I feel like I have to stand up for Sweetheart. Like people look at it and think exclusively baby girl. In a way you might be right, many people would probably shy away from a full on pastel pink wardrobe, but mixed with other tones, Sweetheart is totally wearable by all of us. I dare say even men look great with a tiny pop of pink. ;)

Right now, I'm really feeling this colourway with cool neutrals (and maybe even a pop of gold!) If you're scared of pink, it can be hard to imagine how it might work as an accent, so I've made up this second mood board to illustrate how lovely and soft it can be when paired with the right colours. I'm thinking Slate, Chris Grey, Sand, Midnight, Gold... take a chance on pink!