Sweet Baby Micah update

Can you believe that Micah is already over 3 months old!? I haven't done the math, but he might even be in 3 1/2 month old territory. I keep telling people that he's only 3 months, but he was born on the 23rd and with September just ticking away the way it tends to do he'll be closer to 4 months than 3 pretty soon. I'm not thinking about it. I want to freeze time. Wasn't Rowan just this small?

He is, hands down, the world's sweetest baby. I just can't believe my luck. All babies are perfect and amazing and impressive and wonderful, and Micah is no exception. This being my second time around the block, and with my first time having been a little rocky (I struggled with Rowan, he was not an easy going baby and I had no idea what I was doing, poor guy) I was totally prepared for Micah's newborn months to be difficult, but he has very pleasantly surprised me. These past months have been nothing short of delightful. When I was pregnant with Micah it was so hard to picture Chris and I combining to make any baby other than Rowan, but when Micah was born I took one look at him and realized immediately that he was his own person. He is happy and calm and peaceful. He smiles very easily, just about any time I smile at him he smiles right back. He loves to snuggle into the crook of my arm to fall asleep without any fuss. He's very content to lay on his mat or sit in his chair and watch me work. He's got dark hair and dark eyes and is absolutely gorgeous. We're lucky.

I have shared a lot of pictures of him on Instagram over the past few months. A lot of pictures of him sleeping that is! I swear he doesn't only sleep, he does have his alert moments too! Oh, and he looks like me, which is fun and funny all at the same time. :) 

So there he is, the cheeky little monkey that swept in and stole our hearts. Don't you just want to reach into the screen and kiss those cheeks! I am loving seeing him and Rowan together. The moment Micah was born Rowan immediately became a big boy. Until then he was my baby. The mental switch kinda caught me off guard but Rowan clearly isn't a baby any more (sobbing). I find it incredible how much I can love them both so profoundly and equally yet differently since they demand different things from me. Babies are magic.