GAP-tastic Cowl

Pattern: GAP-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley

Yarn: TFA Grey Label Merino/Alpaca Chunky in Iris (not yet added to the permanent collection shop - that link just brings you to the Iris colourway page).

Ravelry project page here

To test out our new chunky base I cast on for the simplest, cushiest cowl out there: GAP-tastic. With over 16,000 projects on Ravelry, this pattern is super popular. I picked a bright and dynamic colourway to knit mine in, mainly because I wanted to see how this yarn would take the dye and a colourway like Iris is a really good test. Chris Grey looks good on everything, no matter what. Iris is a bit more complicated and if the base didn't cooperate it could have ended up looking too muted or too muddy. I was thrilled when these skeins came out of the dye bath looking crisp and cheerful. Success! I needed a knit that would allow me to make a decision about wether or not Grey Label was right for TFA, and this cowl did it for me. Previous to casting on for this knit I had only swatched with the base, I liked my swatch, but a real live, wearable knit is where the true test lies, and dear friends, Grey Label scored an A+!

This shot is to show you a little behind the scenes of life at TFA headquarters! Rowan was napping, the natural light was appropriately subdued (middle of the day outdoor photo shoots rarely work for us) so this was our chance to snap a few photos of my new cushy cowl. Only Micah wasn't having it. I put him down so I could put on my jacket/cowl/sweat pant combo (you can't see the glamourous pants I'm wearing here, thank goodness) and he started wailing. So I'm holding him/soothing him super weirdly and awkwardly to keep him out of the frame in these photos. Also, it was like 28°C the afternoon we took these shots. The leather jacket/chunky cowl combo was kinda hilarious. It's all smoke and mirrors people!