Fashion Friday - Veronika Revisited

I was really happy with this sweater when I first blogged about it. To have knit something (that wasn't a cardigan) that I could wear while oh so very pregnant was a great feeling. But with a little time and space between me and my huge belly I think that I can safely say that I prefer this sweater sans-belly. It's fluid and light and airy and just so lovely. I realized the other day that it's also the type of knit that people don't automatically ask me if I made. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I'm thinking a good thing, that this sweater looks stylish, like it belongs in fashion and not just in the realm of hand-made. 

See that necklace I'm wearing? It was a gift from an awesome knitter! It's a brand called Chewbeads and is super cool. Micah loves it and clearly it goes with everything I own since it's the perfect shade of Seabreeze.