Dyed To Order Super Canyon Update on Friday!

After last week's mood board featuring this image of a colourway I called "Super Canyon" I was overwhelmed with interest from knitters wanting more! And I am happy to oblige. 

Here are the details: The Super Canyon colourway is not currently part of our regular line up of colours but will be available to order in all of our bases for one day only! You'll be able to purchase all the Super Canyon yarn you need directly from a blog post I'll be putting up on Friday August 28th at 7am EST. The blog post will be live until 7pm EST. Since you'll be ordering directly from the TFA site, you can absolutely combine your Super Canyon order with anything else from our site (other colourways, kits etc). And since you've got a full 12 hour window in which to place your order it should make for a very lovely and leisurely day of shopping. :)

I expect turnaround time for this update to be about 2-3 weeks. I will try and coordinate it with Club shipments so if you are a Club member and place an order for Super Canyon you'll be receiving one glorious package in the mail from me this September!

And while we're talking about a glorious September... I am working my butt off trying to perfect a new kit making system that will hopefully be revolutionary for me! It's not there yet, but the hope is that this new method of kit making will make it much quicker and easier for me to put together all of my kits, meaning that I should be able to have Mini Sock Yarn Skein sets and Lifesavers Sweater kits (and a new kit I'm working on) in stock much more regularly. Thanks for your patience with this, stay tuned!

See you on Friday!