TFA Tuesday - Laura's awesome scrappy sweaters!

Laura, aka: Undone57 on Ravelry, has become a regular on TFA Tuesday. She is the master of taking a beautiful pattern and totally making it her own with the addition of colourwork. She is not one to shy away from a gauge issue, if the yarn she has on hand is DK and the pattern calls for worsted, no problem, she'll do a few tweaks and make it work. I love a fierce and fearless knitter!

I am so in love with two of her recent projects. Both adorable baby sweaters knit in an assortment of leftover yarn scraps in every colour of the rainbow (and then some). Lots of TFA leftovers included in the lot, that's why these qualify for TFA Tuesday :) Above we have her most recent R&R Hoodie (her 7th! check out the rest here), and below is a Playdate cardigan. So freaking perfect!

And just because I'm a fan of keeping it real, Laura has included a photo of a few of the ends that were snipped off after all the weaving in was done (and I strongly suspect this is just a fraction of the total ends) so it's not for the faint of heart, but it's so worth it!