Mood Board Monday - Stormy

TFA Pink Label Lace Weight in  Stormy ,  ship ,  cat ,  door ,  braided headband ,  stormy sea .

TFA Pink Label Lace Weight in Stormyshipcatdoorbraided headbandstormy sea.

I really wanted to feature the Stormy colourway while I was at the beach in Nova Scotia. Specifically during the month of August because we get these fabulous things that we call "August storms" where the wind howls, the rain falls and the waves take over the beach. We gather on the edge of the bank and watch how high the tide will come in. We brave the storm and for one day only our peaceful bay is turned into a riot of waves that make for the most fun swimming adventure of our summer. Our sand is red and the stormy seas don't look quite as ominous as those depicted in the images above. Even in a storm it's still very friendly in Nova Scotia. :)