How one of a kinds happen

Pictured above are 2 batches of Green Label Aran Weight yarn dyed using the exact same recipe (Cosmic), on the exact same day, by the exact same dyer. The only difference was water temperature. The dye is set using heat. The batch on the left was submerged into hot water, setting the dye almost instantly, resulting in bright, vivid colour. The batch on the right was put into a cooler dye bath, so the colours had time to mix and mingle before it came up to temperature and set.  Cool right? This is what I call a happy accident. I love this accidental mellow version of our Cosmic colourway (pictured on the right). 

We've totally made up the systems we use to achieve our colours, and many of our colours involve weird personalized tweaks that kinda rely on instinct rather than a recipe. Different bases take the dye differently, so we treat the same colourways differently on different bases to achieve consistent results throughout. It's one small part science and one large part instinct and a familiarity with our yarns and colourways. I don't know if this is how the pro's do it, but I love that our yarns are truly one of a kind labours of love.