Club - July 2015

Ah lace weight... you are so incredibly light and airy and beautiful! You take forever to knit, sometimes I felt like this stole would never end. But eventually the Belmont Stole was complete and it was so worth all the evenings spent working on it. 


I am thrilled with how this stole came out. The Belmont Stole is large and luscious yet light as a feather. The motif is graphic yet fluid and the colour! Don't even get me started. We have been working on the perfect "Fig" colourway for years and I think that we really nailed it with this version. It's deep and dark yet richly nuanced. July 2015 might officially be my favourite Club month to date!

Club memberships are available all year long, it's never too late to sign up! Join now and you'll receive your skein JanuaryMarchMay and July skeins along with the next batch of Club shipments in September. And don't forget! There is a "patterns only" option. So if you'd like to knit yourself a Belmont Stole out of stash yarn, you totally can.