I Heart Striped Socks

Pattern: CO 60 stitches, improvised top down socks, no wrap short row heel, duplicate stitch hearts. 

Yarn: Scrumptiouspurl Stripe Me Up sock yarn in Baby Beluga, TFA Blue Label in Royal Flush and Sand.

Ravelry project page here

So, these socks are super cute and super fun. Inspired by this pin that I've had rattling around my brain for years. I've been knitting lots of plain, stockinette, self striping socks this year. They are quick and mindless always satisfying because self striping sock yarn is just so neat. But, this time I wanted to up the ante and add a contrasting cuff and toe, and while I was at it, why not embroider a perfect pink heart on the heel!? 

I really love this colour combo and think that these socks would be a great jumping off point for simple, fitted sweater. With Royal Flush ribbing (cuffs, collar and hem), preppy stripes in Sand, Seabreeze and Peacock and maybe even some Royal Flush heart shaped elbow patches! What do you think? I should totally do it right? Ok, new sweater plans officially percolating!