Stripes on stripes

Pattern: Toe up socks, german short row heel, 60 stitch circumference.

Yarn: Fab Funky Fibers self striping sock yarn in "I Believe in the Impossible", striped with TFA Blue Label in Charcoal, Cobalt, Mallard, Peacock, Buttercup and Jewel.

Ravelry project page here

This is the first project that I started and finished since Micah was born. These socks are awesome. After knitting these socks I still had 1/3 of the yarn left over. Enough for a single sock, or for a pair of extra stripy striped socks! I used random leftover bits of TFA Blue Label yarn in whatever colour I felt like with no real plan other than to use a different colour for each of the toes, heels and cuffs. They are certainly fraternal twins, and while I was working on them I worried that maybe they were too mis-matched, but in this case I think it works. The wackier the better, right? They are so fun. 

Some people find leftovers to be a burden. Those little bits of yarn just sitting there, taking up space with no real purpose after their original intended project is complete. But to me, a bucket of leftover sock yarn is a gift! There is no end to the awesome projects that can come from it. And not just socks... hold two strands of fingering weight yarn together for a really funky worsted weight project! No limits.