Some spinning

Last week I managed to sneak in some time at the wheel and spun this very old braid of pretty navy/sky/raspberry roving into 320yds of yarn. This was the first braid of hand dyed roving that I ever bought. From an LYS in New Brunswick, there is no colourway name and I think that it was simply labeled "wool". I think that I am an extremely slow spinner. All in I would say that it was about 10 hours of work. The plying goes relatively quickly, but pre-drafting the fiber and then working to keep it as thin and consistent as possible while I spun the singles took me hours and hours. I'm not sure how to improve my speed, or if it really matters. Each skein of handspun is extremely precious to me because of how involved I am in the whole process. 

A few more details about this yarn can be found on my Ravelry stash page

Thanks very much for all the roving dyer suggestions left in the comments on my last post! I have favourited a ton of shops on Etsy and may have indulged in a little retail therapy while I was at it. ;)