Mood Board Monday - Graphite

Sources: TFA Green Label Aran Weight yarn in   Graphite  ,   ocean  ,   cat  ,   eye  ,   fox  ,   paint brushes  .   

Sources: TFA Green Label Aran Weight yarn in Graphiteoceancateyefoxpaint brushes. 

Graphite is TFA's new medium grey colourway. It's not grey with a pop of somethin'. It's not grey with a hint of blue. It's just pure grey served straight up! Obviously it goes with everything, but looks just as great on it's own. So the big question is: Is an all grey mood board drab and boring? Or is it calming and soothing? I'm usually so all about colour, it feels odd to have an all grey blog post! 

Here are all of our current cool grey tones for your viewing/comparing pleasure.