Handspun, Handwoven Scarf

A few months ago I went on a real weaving kick. I have a Cricket Loom, it's little and portable and perfect for scarves. I'm very much a beginner weaver, but I enjoy learning as I go. I made a few scarves over the winter. They are incredibly quick compared to knitting, and I've learnt that they are an amazing use for handspun! Which is awesome, because I hoard my handspun like it's nobody's business. Woven scarves really highlight the beauty of the skein and are very forgiving of imperfect spinning. 

My favourite scarf is the one pictured above. Funnily enough it was intended to be a test weave. I wasn't sure how successful it was going to be, so I grabbed an older, very imperfect, skein of handspun that I would be ok not completely loving (Handspun details here). I paired it with some leftover sock yarn (leftover from these socks) without giving it very much thought at all. I just figured that the multicoloured strands might pose a nice contrast to the handspun. Sometimes, under-thinking as opposed to over-planning can yield the best results! 

The scarf ended up rather narrow as I completely underestimated how much yardage is needed for the warp and ran out of the multicoloured sock yarn sooner than expected. As I was weaving I was a little bummed because with each new inch of woven fabric it was becoming clear that this scarf was going to be awesome! 

Turns out that even though this scarf is only about 5" wide, it's plenty long (over 7') and wraps perfectly around my neck twice making it just right. And just look at the colours! I think it's official that weaving with a multicoloured warp and a handspun weft is pretty much the best thing ever.