Throwback Thursday - Tartan Schoolboy Vest

Pattern: Schoolboy Vest by me!

Yarn: TFA Green Label Aran Weight yarn in Tartan, Stone and Sand.

Ravelry project page here

This little vest has been finished forever! I knit it back in December (2014!) and Rowan wore it over the winter. These photos were taken towards the end of January but I held off blogging aobut it or uploading them to Ravelry because I thought that we could certainly do better. Turns out, we couldn't, he was/is not in a particularly photogenic phase (always running/blurry, making cheeky monkey faces) so I've accepted the fact that I won't get perfect FO shots out of this one and I'm ok with it. 

I really love the colours in this vest. Tartan is an obvious hit, it's always a fun colourway to work with. I've used Sand in my knitting a lot, it's a great neutral that I never tire of. Stone is the one that really surprised me. I love it in this vest with the other two shades and I love it on it's own. Neutrals like Stone are so easily overlooked for the brighter, more exciting shades, but I'm pretty crazy about this lovely, multidimensional grey/beige/brown.  

Rowan has grown so much since these photos were taken. I can hardly believe the difference a few months makes. I'm not sure that he can even fit into those jeans anymore!