Fly Away blanket progress

As you know, I devised some pretty big plans last week for my new baby's blanket. To say that this project kinda took ahold of me would be an understatement. I was completely obsessed! The pattern warns that it's "potato chip knitting" as in "Betcha can't knit just one!" and it's so true. Each square was so quick and satisfying and the second I would cast one off I would immediately want to cast on for another. So, though I am a fast knitter, and I did knit exclusively on this blanket all week, the addictive nature of the project and the ease of knitting made it just fly off the needles! It's officially finished and is currently blocking on the floor in my office (I'm gazing at it lovingly as I type!) but before I take glamour shots and post the official FO post about it I wanted to share a bunch of WIP shots I snapped and posted to instagram and facebook while I was working on it. It was very difficult not to post a photo of every single block as I completed it! I kinda spammed the internet with progress shots of this blanket, but trust me, I could have done a lot worse!

In case anyone missed the details, the pattern is Fly Away by Tin Can Knits and it's fantastic. The possibilities for colour combinations and pattern design based on this one simple block are endless. You could knit this pattern for the rest of your life and never knit the same look twice.  

Above is a shot of my "Great Wall Of Leftover Yarn". I set this pegboard up in my living room a few months ago to try and corral all my leftover balls of DK-Aran weight yarn. I've been pulling balls off the wall to work on this scrappy blanket project and it has left my gorgeous yarn art looking a little sad... Nothing a little re-organizing and a few new WIP's won't fix!