WIP Wednesday - another new cast on!

I'm kinda loving posting about my WIP's on Wednesdays. I know that I certainly didn't invent "watcha workin' on Wednesday?" but it is a fun way to take stock of progress from one week to the next. Though it also kinda makes for a potentially boring Wednesday blog post since every week I'm posting the same blob of teal stockinette... I'm making pretty good progress on my Veronika. It's the type of knit that you sit and work round and round of hundreds of stitches of stockinette stitch for hours (an entire movie in my case) and then hold it up and see absolutely no discernible progress. But you persevere because any day now you'll hold it up and realize that you're at the point where you can now start working 8 decreases per round and the whole thing is just going to fly off the needles! I can see that point getting near, I'm very excited about it. ;)

Last week's pile of WIP's is one project less this week. I finished Chris' Smokestack Socks and they are rad. I'll blog about them tomorrow I think. So, because I need a new sock project on the needles I dug through my special stash of hoarded TFA One Of A Kind's and picked out this beauty:

I think those might be the prettiest yarn glamour shots I've ever taken. This colourway is called Cosmic and it was featured in an Etsy Update ages ago. We're slowly gearing up for another mini Etsy Update (maybe next week) and we'll be featuring a bunch of this colour because I'm just really into right now. 

Watcha workin' on?