Sock FO :: I Believe In The Impossible

Pattern: Toe up sock with afterthought heel, my way here.

Yarn: Fab Funky Fibres self striping sock in colourway: 'I Believe in the Impossible'.

Ravelry project page here

The name of this colourway is 'I Believe in the Impossible' and it couldn't be more appropriate. This is not your run of the mill hand dyed self striping sock yarn (if there is such a thing) it features a 23 (TWENTY-THREE!) colour repeat and is out of this world. These socks are so much fun and knitting them was a treat. I purposely made them fraternal twins because the colourful stripes are so perfect I worried that if they matched too well they might almost look commercial. The mis-matched stripes add an air of whimsy and hand-made goodness which I always love. The yarn came in two 50g skeins, each skein included 3 repeats of the spectrum and I only used 2 repeats per sock. So I have enough to knit a third sock... or more likely, knit with a complementary solid to get another pair of socks out of it. So while this yarn wasn't cheap (nor should it be, 23 colours people!) I'll have 2 pairs of gorgeous rainbow socks. Amazing.