Smokestack Socks for Chris

Pattern: Smokestack Socks by yours truly.

Yarn: TFA Blue Label Fingering Weight yarn in a special ooak Chris dyed.

Ravelry project page here

I really love this sock pattern. It feels wrong to go on about how lovely I think it is because it's my own design. It's so much easier to be super complementary about other people's work isn't it? But, if you think about it, I definitely should really, REALLY, love my own designs otherwise I'd be a terrible designer for putting out designs I'm not crazy about, right? So, with that in mind, yeah, these socks are awesome. Chris really nailed it with the colour. We never dye single skeins, always batches of 5-10 at a time, but for this skein he was trying something new and he just had one skein handy so here she is in all her glory. 

The socks are basically brown, which is all good and fine until you take a closer look and notice that there is every single colour of the rainbow in there! Little, subtle flecks of turquoise and magenta, it was so much fun to knit with! 

And Chris loves his new socks. What's really great about this pattern is that it's ribbed and stretchy and therefor incredibly comfortable. They are the perfect dude sock, though I would definitely rock a pair myself, so they are not restricted to men's footwear, it's just that there are so many gorgeous feminine sock patterns out there and fewer gorgeous men's patterns so the unisex aspect is always a nice plus for me.