Progress on all my works in progress

Were I knitting monogamously, I would probably have 2 of these WIP's wrapped up. That sock up there is the second of a pair of Smokestack Socks. I'm just about ready to turn the heel and then it's nothing but foot and toe and next thing you know Chris will have a new pair of socks! I'm kinda keeping it for purse knitting. There are lots of doctor's waiting rooms to sit in during the last few months of pregnancy, so having something ready and waiting to pass the time on is always a good idea. You can also see that I've finished the front on my Wolf River. It only took a couple of days to knit and I bet I'd have the back done and be working on the sleeves had I not detoured and started my Veronika instead. I'm loving Veronika! The construction is interesting (I want to knit everything with short rows from now on!) and the yarn is so different from what I'm used to working with. I'm having a hard time putting it down. It's the type of sweater that won't look like anything until it's done and blocked, I'm really looking forward to that moment!

And then, just for fun, I started swatching with some lace weight yarn I had laying around (this is Pink Label lace weight in Cobalt left over from my Ombre cardigan). Not sure what will become of this, but it's a sunny day here today (freezing cold, but still sunny) and the warm sun shining through the windows has me looking towards spring and summer. Lace weight projects somehow feel oddly appropriate. 

Have you heard of this amazing magazine? Uppercase, I heard about it from a friend who insisted I needed a subscription and she was so right. I've received my first issue and am savouring every page.