New Knits On A Wednesday

I'm a monogamous knitter at heart. I wasn't always, but these days I tend to get so excited about a project from beginning to end that when I start something new I have a hard time putting it down until it's done! This style of knitting obviously has it's benefits. I have very few languishing unfinished projects and I can start and finish a project pretty quickly. So, I like that I'm a monogamous knitter, it makes for very satisfying knits. But sometimes, I've just got to give in and cast on for everything all at once and just let things work themselves out. That's where I'm at right now. I've got 3 projects on the needles, they're all different and they're all awesome!

First up, a pair of Smokestack Socks I'm knitting for Chris in this amazing colourway he dyed up for me. We have been experimenting with a few new dye techniques. This colourway is definitely not reproducible at this point but we're working towards something like it because I am completely obsessed. Every time I knit a stitch I say to Chris that it's the most amazing colour I've ever knit with. There is just so much going on yet at the same time it's not at all crazy looking. Totally wearable but super exciting to knit with. The perfect combination. 

Next up I'm making Wolf River by Melissa Schaschwary in TFA Amber Label Cashmere/Silk DK Weight yarn in Coppertone. I've featured this yarn in a few Etsy updates and was actually hoarding a few skeins for myself until recently because I loved it so much. I put them up for sale in my last update, and sweveral skeins are still available so I took it as a sign that they were meant to be mine and totally on a whim decided to make Wolf River. The pattern calls for chunky yarn and I'm using DK. So I'm having to modify the pattern only ever so slightly to get the casual, slouchy fit I'm looking for. The construction is super simple compared to my last modification project, so things are going very smoothly so far. I'm not picky about how exactly it ends up fitting me. As long as it has a bit of positive ease I'll be happy. That's the beauty of a non-tailored knit, it's so much easier to get the fit "right"!

And lastly for today I'm knitting Veronika by Julie Weisenberger for Cocoknits. I fell in love with the sample shown in the photo above when I saw it in person at Espace Tricot and immediately bought some Habu Textiles yarn to make it in. The yarn is incredibly unique and fun for me to work with since it's so different from what I'm used to. The shape and construction of this swancho (sweater + poncho) is also totally unique and a real departure from the sorts of things that I usually knit, so I'm pretty excited about the whole experience. 

What's on your needles?