Moodboard Monday - Deep Sea

Sources, top to bottom, left to right ::   wedding cake  , TFA Amber Label in  Deep Sea ,   chipped paint  ,   hummingbird  ,   Ombre nails  ,   night sky  .

Sources, top to bottom, left to right :: wedding cake, TFA Amber Label in Deep Seachipped painthummingbirdOmbre nailsnight sky.

Oh, hi there, have we met? Did you know that my favourite colour is blue? You did? Is it that obvious? I guess so. Well, in case you didn't know, I pretend like I don't play favourites within the blue family, but I really do. I love all blues, but in my heart it's the rich, bright turquoise blues that always take first place. Shockingly, I have not knit nearly enough items with my favourite Deep Sea colourway, but I should, because it really makes me happy. I especially love it paired with yellow and citrus green like in my Signature Palette below.