Lilia's Nanook

Disclaimer :: Lilia finished knitting this sweater on a Saturday. She was in town just for the weekend. We blocked it and laid it out to dry Saturday night and on Sunday when we were together again and could snap a few photos it was already well into the afternoon and the light was fighting us big time! She was leaving the next morning so it was now or never. All that to say that the colour quality isn't the best, but the sweater is amazing!

Pattern: Nanook by Heidi Kirrmaier.

Yarn: TFA Green Label Aran Weight yarn in Dove.

Ravelry project page here

When my sister Lilia was home for Christmas she did a little bit of browsing at TFA and went home with enough yarn to keep her busy for at least a little while. In her newly acquired stash was a sweater's worth of Green Label in Dove. Lilia has been knitting for years, but has focused on smaller, more mindless knits up until now. She's knit lots of socks, baby sweaters and a few other accessories, but she had yet to tackle an adult sweater. It was time. We chatted a lot about what she wanted in a sweater and decided that Heidi Kirrmaier's Nanook pattern checked all the right boxes for her. Both my mom and I love and wear our Nanook's all the time (here's mine! I don't think I ever got photos of my moms... I'll have to work on that, it's fabulous) so the pattern came highly recommended.  

Lilia did an amazing job on this sweater. She alternated skeins every 2 rows which managed the colour variations perfectly. She didn't make a single mistake, no dropped stitches, no blips or oops', how many of us can say that about our first sweaters!? The fit is perfect with just the right amount of drape in the fronts. I hope that this has given her the sweater knitting bug. There is nothing like a successful FO to make you want to start the whole process all over again! 

haha, and ps: Looks like Lilia is sticking to her wardrobe rule of "all purple all the time".