Fashion Friday - Let's talk about my hair

So, this has nothing to do with knitting. Like, at all. This post is all about my hair. It's silly, but hey, after posting the following image to instagram showing off my new hair cut and getting over 50 comments on it, I know that you all know what it's like to have a bad hair cut. Lets commiserate together. 

From the front I thought it looked just kinda weird. I wasn't really digging that ski jump swoosh on my shoulders. But the side angle is where things got really interesting! I always specify that I want it kept long in the front. Partly because I don't like the face framing layers that stylists always so desperately want to give me and partly because I want to be able to tie it back. So he definitely kept the front long... and then just bam! jumped into super short layers so now I've got this really weird reverse bang thing happening. 

It's been about 2 weeks since I got it cut and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm finally kinda diggin' it! If I'm wearing my hair straight I have to pull the back up or else it looks weird (see photo above) but if I'm wearing it kinda rock 'n roll messy (as is my preference) I think it actually looks kinda cute! Though as you can see in the photo below, those reverse bangs are hard to control, even with my best messy do!

And, there's my baby bump! 33 weeks and counting. I'm giddy with excitement!