Painted Jeans Wex Shawl


Pattern: Wex by yours truly (January 2015 TFA Year In Colour Club pattern).

Yarn: TFA Twisted Red Label in Painted Jeans (featured as part of the pre-holiday TFA bundle).

Ravelry project page here

I had the idea for the Wex Shawl pattern long before we had settled on the Club colourway. In order to run with my idea and test it out without waiting around for us to nail the perfect colourway I cast on for a test knit in the gorgeous Painted Jeans colourway. It ended up being the perfect way to work out the kinks in the pattern, see that it worked well with a variegated colourway, and write out a pattern for my gracious test knitter (mom!) to then go ahead and work from when knitting the official version that would be done in the Club colourway. And now mom and I have matching shawls in different colourways and we don't have to be embarrassed when we go out together wearing the same thing. :)