Moodboard Monday - Spruce

Sources, left to right, top to bottom: leggings, TFA Purple Label in Spruce, Grampstree lined road, Snowfling Mittssequinned dressGemcabled sweatergreen room.

Spruce is definitely one of those colourways that I tend to overlook until I'm actually knitting with it. At first glance it appears to be a pretty solid dark green. But once on the needles it somehow miraculously transforms into a magically rich green with shimmering hints of emerald shining through. Chris is currently knitting himself a perfect and simple ribbed hat in Spruce and I've fallen in love with it's quiet elegance all over again. 

I expected this Spruce mood board to be made up primarily of images of trees... but the deep green world of pinterest is dominated by beautiful and dramatic interior design, lots of high fashion and sophistication. I didn't know I was a green person, but I'm a convert. 

A note about sources: This week I tried to link directly to the original sources of the images in the collage rather than the pins, and I failed terribly. Many of the pins link to outdated webpages, sold out etsy listings and what not, so I've decided to stick with linking directly to the pin itself since it's really all about the image and inspiration.