Lifesavers KAL

I am totally excited and overwhelmed by your enthusiastic reception of my Lifesavers Cardigan pattern! You guys are the biggest and best rainbow lovers around! I'm thinking that we should all work on our perfect new cardigans together, so I'm hosting a Lifesavers KAL over in the TFA Ravelry group

Here are the details:

Start Date: Anytime! I’m going to keep the start date less formal since I have a lot of mini skein kits to mail that I know will be turned into cardigans but I can’t predict exactly when they will all be delivered and don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t participate because they are waiting on an order.

End Date: April 13th (my birthday!) because that seems like a reasonable challenge doesn’t it?

1) Knit the Lifesavers Cardigan pattern in any combo of TFA yarn imaginable! It can be in one of the kits I’ve made up, or in a solid colour, or with any other colour combination you can think of. I really can’t wait to see what you all come up with! 
2) Tag your projects on ravely, instagram, twitter with the tag: LifesaversKAL

I haven't decided what I'll be doing for my second Lifesavers Cardigan, likely not another bright rainbow, because though I am jonesing for a Charcoal kit I think that 1 rainbow cardigan is probably enough for this season. I'll keep you posted!

I wanted to explain a little bit about why I've opted not to include the pattern with the kit. If technology worked exactly as I wanted it to, I would be able to set up the listing for the kits to automatically send you the pdf of the pattern along with your receipt upon ordering the kit. But alas, my system will not allow it. I considered including a paper copy of the pattern with the kits but the issue with that is A) I would get a ton of emails from knitters sheepishly requesting their pattern in pdf format, and I don't want you to feel sheepish and I agree that digital copies are more convenient. And B) If I included the paper copy I would likely have to ship the kits in boxes rather than bags (in most cases) to make sure that the paper copies didn't get crumpled during shipping, which would increase the cost of shipping, which nobody wants. So, I've opted to sell the pattern separately. I know that you didn't ask, but I wanted you to know anyway. :)