Lifesavers Cardigan + Kits!


I am super excited to share my new Lifesavers Cardigan pattern with you all today! This cardigan started off as a simple dream. This rainbow loving knitter wanted a basic, light layer with thin pinstripes of glorious colour throughout. Nothing groundbreaking, just simple, fun and perfect. This raglan, v-neck cardigan checks all the boxes for me.  I don't think I've ever met a stripe that I don't love.

Big day here at TFA headquarters! I'm calling it the rainbow cardi snowball affect... I couldn't very well  release my new Lifesavers cardigan pattern without having Mini Sock Yarn Skein kits in stock, and since this sweater is just screaming for a sweater kit I've gone ahead and put Lifesavers Sweater Kits together too!  

The sweater kits are available in 4 main colour options. My sample sweater features Sand as the main colour, but if I were to knit it again, I think I'd have a very hard time choosing. I think they will all make gorgeous sweaters and can't wait to see one of each knit up! 

For my kits I've stuck with the rainbow motif since that's what my sample features, but trust me when I say that though the rainbow is awesome, there are 1 million other colour combinations and stripe widths that would look fantastic. I really hope to see lots of variety popping up on Ravelry when you guys start posting your projects. Neutrals, wide stripes, 2 colour combos, you name it, I'll love it. These days I'm quite drawn to blank canvas patterns that lend themselves well to customizing and I think that this pattern fits the bill, it's really a blank canvas for you to stripe however your heart desires!

Ravelry pattern page here


I know I've already posted this belly shot, but I thought it was too funny not to post again. I was pretty round the day we finally got around to shooting this sweater! My awkward attempts to hide my belly worked better than I had expected. This is one of my all time favourite photoshoots. I love that blue wall.