Life updates

I am quite shocked at how in tune with the exact trimester dates (as told to me by my body is with this pregnancy. My first trimester I was so sick. Morning sickness day and night, even a few scary trips to the hospital, and then one day I got my weekly pregnancy update email and it said: "Congratulations! You're now in your second trimester." and just like that I was no longer sick. My second trimester had me feeling energetic and awesome and like my amazing female body I was really working some magic in there creating a little human. And then 2 weeks ago I got the email that said: "Congratulations! You're now in your third and final trimester." and, suddenly my adorable little baby bump is a huge balloon and I am officially feeling very pregnant. I'm still feeling great, and just like my first pregnancy I'm really enjoying being pregnant. 9 months goes by so fast. But things are definitely getting harder. Getting up and down comes with a bit of grunting. Putting on boots is a mini-cardio exercise. And spending hours standing at the skein winder winding mini skeins is no longer really an option. I'm still making mini skeins, it's just taking me a bit longer since my back just can't handle the marathon sessions I'm used to doing. I hope to have more kits (mini skeins and Lifesavers Sweater kits) available soon!

It's Friday, I considered doing a Fashion Friday post for you today, but don't have a knit that when paired with pyjama pants looks fashion forward... So instead I'll leave you with with the latest styles in pup dressing. Rowan calls this stuffed animal his "pup" and when we went upstairs to get dressed this morning he really wanted his pup to get dressed too. So we found an old onesie that fits him just right and everyone was happy. 

Rowan is such a blast these days. He talks a mile a minute, lots gibberish punctuated with some very well pronounced words in both french and english. We try to speak both languages to him, his daycare is bilingual and my dad speaks almost exclusively french to him. One of the first words he started using properly and regularly was "encore" which always makes me laugh. I would do something funny that he enjoyed and he would clap and say "encore! encore!" He's starting to put together little sentences that make Chris and I so proud! He's started to help Chris make supper on most nights, and amazingly this has resulted in him being a much better eater. His hair is potentially getting to comically long lengths but I have zero desire to have it cut. As long as it's not in his eyes I think we'll delay his first hair cut for as long as possible. I didn't know that I would be so attached to those lovely blond locks. I still can't believe that I have a blond haired, blue eyed baby. He gets all of those genes from his father, but oddly enough Chris doesn't have blue eyes either, what are the chances? He loves my belly, and his belly, and Chris' belly... and thinks that there is a baby in each of them. He will be a terrific brother. 

Wishing you all a great weekend!