Moodboard Monday - Texturized

My favourite and most useful board on Pinterest is definitely my "Knitsperation" board. I'll pin anything and everything there as long as it could someday inspire a knit. At first I thought that I should break it down into further categories, one for colour work, one for cables… but I like having this big mash up of all kinds of gorgeous knits that I like. I browse through it when I need some inspiration and more often then not I discover that I'm in some sort of a "mood". This week I am very much in a highly textured, neutral colour mood. Funny, right off the heels of my super colourful and stockinette-stitch-full Lifesavers Cardigan launch (more kits coming soon I promise!) I'm craving the total opposite. I'm due to cast on for something new, now that I know what mood I'm in, it's time to start planning!