Club - January 2015

The 2015 Year In Colour Club has officially been kicked off with a bang! I wanted to feature a high impact colourway. Something that, upon opening your Club package, would make you smile and happy that you decided to join the Club this year. I think we nailed it, because this colour is so much fun! We've called it Kaleidoscope, but it's working name was "Red Rainbow" because that's pretty much what it is, every colour of the rainbow, wrapped in a big red bow! 

I designed the Wex Shawl to highlight the nuances of this sparkly skein of Cosmic Blue Label yarn. It features large stripes of graphic diagonal lace and garter stitch. I love the geometry of this pattern. Nothing too precious or fancy. Triangular shawls tend to get a bad rap for being granny or awkward to wear. I really don't get that at all. I wear tons of triangular shawls, just like I am in the shot above. Worn bandana style it keeps me warm where it's supposed to and I've never been mistaken for a granny nor have I ever thought that it was awkward or difficult to drape around my neck. I seriously don't know where those myths came from. Do you struggle with triangular shawls? 

Club memberships are available all year long, it's never too late to sign up! Join now and you'll receive your skein of Kaleidoscope along with the next shipment of Club yarns in March. And don't forget! There is a "patterns only" option. So if you'd like to knit yourself a Wex Shawl out of stash yarn, you totally can!