Chris' perfect turtleneck sweater

Pattern: A bottom up, knit in the round, improvised pullover design based on EZ's percentage system. 

Yarn: TFA Orange Label Cashmere/Silk Worsted Weight in Dark-Midnight (Chris dyed it custom for this sweater).

Ravelry project page here

Chris has made a few amazing sweaters for himself since learning how to knit. He is the best person in the world to knit for because he wears his hand-knit sweaters every. single. day. It's adorable and awesome and I don't blame him for only knitting sweaters for himself since he clearly really loves them. So, just to make it perfectly clear, Chris knit this beautiful sweater, not me, and he did a really great job. He wanted a classic turtleneck and he totally nailed it. He finished knitting this sweater in the fall and has been wearing it for months, hence the slight halo you can spot in some of the photo's (we probably should have given it the once over with the Gleaner before taking these shots, oops!). He dyed the colourway himself, specifically for this dream turtleneck of his, a very deep and rich interpretation of our Midnight colourway. It's almost solid, but with just enough nuance to prove that it's hand dyed. 

Chris has the best approach to knitting ever. He is so relaxed and never-stressed about the process. Since I'm usually right there next to him in the evenings when we're knitting, he feels absolutely no obligation to read the pattern or be especially concerned with what he's doing. I'll get him set up, he'll knit for a bit, then ask me if he's on track, then keep on going. When I tell him he's done the body and ready to move on to a sleeve he's often surprised because he hasn't been thinking about progress but just enjoying the process and trusting that I'll let him know when he needs to switch up whatever it is that he is doing. It's a very funny (and quite sweet) knitting relationship we have. I'm incredibly proud of him for tackling man-sized sweaters without batting an eyelash. Next I want him to knit a sweater for the new baby because I think the speed and ease of it is going to blow his mind!

Chris has amassed a pretty impressive hand knit sweater collection and I plan on adding to it (because like I said, he's the best person to knit for since he wears and loves his sweaters so much!) I've cast on for a Chris sized Cordova and I am PUMPED about it. Details coming soon!