Handspun Rocky Joggers

Pattern: Rocky by tincanknits

Yarn: my own handspun and TFA Pink Label in Midnight (held double). 

Ravelry project page here.

Rocky Joggers are definitely one of my new favourite baby boy knitting patterns. They are obviously completely unisex, but since I have boys and I find that there are so fewer awesome baby boy knitting patterns out there, it's worth mentioning. Baby boys in old men sweaters is always a great look, but when you feel like knitting something a little bit cheekier for your little munchkin these pants are just the thing. I knit Micah his first pair in the smallest size (see them and his adorable little bum here!) and when he outgrew those I wept... then dried my tears and cast on for this pair in a skein of handspun that I spun in the last few days of my pregnancy while I was waiting for Micah to arrive. I used 2 strands of Midnight lace weight yarn held together for the navy parts because I had some on hand and I liked the colour combo. I added the intarsia knee patch because I was running out of handspun and needed to get creative! I love the results. 

Now, please indulge me while I post way too many photos of 6 month old Micah and my other two favourite boys. 

Rowan is wearing a clip in his hair because sometimes he likes to do that. Please take a moment to admire the world class grimace on Micah's face in the third photo from the top. Also, these pants, or more specifically the i-cord tie, have proven to be incredibly entertaining. Micah has worn these pants twice and has gotten several 30 minute blocks of pure joy out of that i-cord. Brilliant.