Club - November 2015

The last instalment of the 2015 TFA Year In Colour Club featured one of my favourite luxurious bases, our Orange Label Merino/Cashmere/Silk Worsted Weight Yarn. This yarn glows, it shines, it's impossibly smooth and such a pleasure to knit with and wear. The colourway we came up with for November is called Caramel and is my new favourite shade of warm, golden orange. I have to be careful when calling it orange because Chris doesn't agree with that statement, he sees it as a golden, caramel brown. And I'm inclined to believe him because the truth is, I think that Chris might be better at pin-pointing colours than I am. A while back on a trip to the home improvement store we both chose paint chips that we felt matched the colour of the siding of our house... his was dead on and mine was way off. I'm not sure that admitting this to you is a good idea, I consider myself a colour connoisseur but apparently Chris is the real brains behind the operation. Sigh...

Whatever the case may be, this is our new Caramel colourway and I absolutely love it! I've been getting lots of requests to add this to our permanent collection and I can say with quite a bit of certainty that it will very likely make the cut. And, I happen to think that it looks super fantastic paired with turquoises like my favourites Seabreeze and Peacock, so, it's a keeper. ;)

For November I designed the Ah Caramel fingerless mitts. Featuring meandering cables, lots of cushy ribbing and a generous folded over cuff they are incredibly warm and cozy. I sometimes wear them while working away at the computer even when I'm not cold just because I love them so. In fact, I love them so much that I've already started working on a coordinating scarf, so stay tuned for that!

This year has been a real adventure for me. Designing all of the Club patterns myself was quite the challenge at times but also proved to be very rewarding. All of this year's Club patterns will be released as individual pdf's in the new year. 

Next year we are trying something completely different for the Club, check out all the details here. I think that it will be a tonne of fun, change is good!