The elusive Grey Label

I finished knitting my Stillhouse Vest in our new Grey Label base and even managed to get FO shots of it. I'll have the official FO post ready for you soon, but if you want to check it out right away you can find it on Ravelry here. I had grand plans to have had another Etsy update featuring our new Grey Label Chunky yarn by now. Had that happened we would have been well on our way to having all of our colourways dyed and photographed in the new base and we would be that much closer to having it ready to list on the website. But... life. First the boys were sick, they quickly recovered, but then I got sick and now it's Chris' turn. The trouble with our lovely small family business is that if one of us is sick in bed, the other has full time duty with the boys, so nobody gets any work done! We are rather behind schedule and it's left me feeling like something's gotta give. 

I know that you guys are all super supportive and that you're all going to tell me that I am doing the right thing by focussing on my family and that the work can wait. You're all awesome and I really appreciate that, and I know you're right, but... something's gotta give. I don't like introducing a new yarn that I am super excited about, and then going silent. It's so unfair! I'm all "Hey, don't you all love this new awesome yarn?" and you're all like "Yes! Yes we do and we'ed like to buy it!" and then... crickets. It's not right. 

What am I going to do about it? I have no idea! Chris is looking to be on the mend, so we should be back up and running this week and with any luck we'll have a Chunky Etsy update for you by the weekend (or early next week). With the temperatures dropping I know that my kids need some chunky winter accessories and maybe yours do to, so that's my priority right now. Stay tuned for news on how I plan to solve all of our problems and never loose a week of work to cold and flu season again! (haha)