Fashion Friday - Coolbreezes for everyone!

Can you handle the cuteness!? Insane levels of cutesy happening over here these days. Micah smiles, laughs, giggles and wears adorable furry slippers all the time. It's too much. I knit this Baby Coolbreeze cardigan when I was pregnant with Rowan, but to tell you the truth he didn't get a tonne of wear out of it because it was already getting a bit snug on him by the time the cool weather rolled around. Micah's birthday is 6 weeks later in the year than Rowan's is, so we are in prime Baby Coolbreeze wearing mode these days.  

All four of the pattern that we're rockin' here are included in the Coolbreeze ebook, and though I don't necessarily recommend wearing them all at the same time like we are, it's nice to have options. This collection of patterns is still some of my favourite work to date. I love them all. Both hats, both sweaters, they're the same but different and I'm really glad that I saw this design concept through all 4 incarnations. I honestly wear that hat all the time, and the baby hat is the only thing that I have in this particular size, so though it will already be too small come true winter in January, it's perfect for right now and I love seeing Micah in it. 

On a more serious note (if you don't think that super coordinated outfits are that serious) we spent a night in the hospital with Micah this week. I'm happy to report that he is back to normal, fit as a fiddle, but the other night he woke up with croup and needed a dose of medication to get his breathing back to normal. It was our first time with one of our babies in the hospital and it was no fun. Though Micah was his usual laid back self and couldn't have been a better patient. He's just so wee, I can't bear to see him under the weather. 

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone! We'll be spending Thanksgiving with my entire family, which is always super fun. Oh, and did you catch this Instagram post yesterday? Free cowl pattern!