Moodboard Monday - Iris

Sources, left to right, top to bottom:  TFA Red Label,   stained glass ,  flower head ,  seahorse ,  mineral ,  Patina socks ,  succulents ,  purple iris ,  rusted patina door .

Sources, left to right, top to bottom: TFA Red Label, stained glassflower headseahorsemineralPatina sockssucculentspurple irisrusted patina door.

I love putting together these mood boards and hope to do it more frequently this year. I thought that Iris would be a tough one since there are so many nuances within the colourway. I was surprised to find so many beautiful images reminiscent of this special colour. 

Iris works beautifully paired with lots of different colours. When I'm eyeing the shelves for colours to co-ordinate with it, more often then not I find myself reaching for any of the colours pictured above. The nursery palette is a great representation of Iris hanging out with her best friends.