Moodboard Monday - Chestnut

Sources, left to right, top top to bottom:  Knittedbliss' French Braid Cardigan  ,   Herringbone floors  ,  Chocolate Chestnut Cream Cake Batter ,   Library  , TFA Green Label Aran Weight in  Chestnut ,  Cupcakes ,   Cowboy Boot  ,   Horse  ,   Acorns  , 

Sources, left to right, top top to bottom: Knittedbliss' French Braid CardiganHerringbone floors, Chocolate Chestnut Cream Cake BatterLibrary, TFA Green Label Aran Weight in Chestnut, CupcakesCowboy BootHorseAcorns


On chilly winter days you can either look to bright and cheerful summery colours to give you the perk you need, or go for cozy, warm, velvety colours that just wrap their arms around you and give you a big hug! Today, I've opted for option #2. I'm working on a sweater that features a healthy dose of Chestnut and I'm loving every chocolaty brown stitch. My sweater also happens to have just the littlest bit of Seabreeze in it as well, so that cowboy boot up there is really speaking my language. I'm loving this moodboard, it's so warm and rich and decadent!

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