Fashion Friday - Twinsies!

Featured Knits - on me :: Bract Hat by me, knit in TFA Orange Label in Sand.

on Rowan :: Grammy's Hat by me, knit in TFA Green Label in Chris Grey, knit by Chris!

Apparently I haven't blogged about these hats, nor uploaded them to Ravelry, oops! I added about an inch of ribbing to the beginning of this Bract hat for a slouchier fit.

Last weekend, Chris was getting Rowan dressed while I was getting myself dressed. We were all getting ready to head out to our favourite bakery for our Saturday croissant breakfast! Which, by the way, is the best new family tradition we've established. Anyways, so then we all come down stairs, and wouldn't you know Rowan and I are dressed in the exact same outfit. It was pretty funny. Right down to the hats we were totally matching. Light denim, heathered grey turtlenecks, so cool. 

I'm actually not a big fan of matching family outfits, unless it happens accidentally in which case I get such a kick out of it. I'm easily amused. The black layer peeking out from under my turtleneck is a Bellaband. I wanted one for my first pregnancy but never got around to getting one. A neighbour gave me this one and it's the best thing ever! It really prolongs the wearability of my regular clothing. Without this band my jeans and top would likely not meet, and you'd see that I've fastened my jeans closed with a hair elastic because I can't do up the button. The Bellaband keeps my jeans from slipping down and also prevents me from constantly tugging on my shirt since I know that it's not going to ride up and reveal my sexy pregnant mid-drift. If you, like me, are having trouble keeping your pants up, I highly recommend it. ;)