Fashion Friday - baby bump!

psst :: today is the last day of my pattern sale!

For the first 20 weeks or so of my pregnancy I didn't looked pregnant. When I posted this photo announcing I was pregnant I garnered a few laughs because I was sticking out my gut trying to fake a baby bump when there was really very little there to speak of. I was the same way with Rowan. So excited to be pregnant and wishing that I actually looked pregnant immediately! The weeks tick by and even though in the early days I thought that I might never get that glorious baby bump it always shows up eventually. And then as the weeks continue to tick by you wonder how on earth it could be physically possible for your belly to stretch anymore but somehow it does. So here I am, 22 weeks pregnant and in the beginning of that second phase. The bump that I was excited to see has finally shyly started to show itself.

In terms of my fashion these days (this is supposed to be a Fashion Friday post after all!) I'm still wearing my regular clothes but can definitely see myself embracing my old maternity basics in the coming weeks. I am loving cardigans and longer, tunic length sweaters. Anything too short or just waist length looks ridiculous with my baby gut hanging out the bottom. I kid myself that I might be able to fit into these jeans throughout my entire pregnancy... I'll let you know how that works out! 

I know you're all dying to know all about that sweater I'm wearing. I've been teasing you with shots of it since the summer. Good news: I'm working on finishing up the pattern and will have it, as well as rainbow Mini Sock Yarn Skein kits, listed in the shop in a few short weeks.