Running around


Busy bees this week. All the Club yarns are in the mail and the Etsy Update orders should be all wrapped up by the end of the day. So if you're waiting on yarn it's on it's way! A few things to share, just for the sake of sharing. :) 

  • I've got a guest post up on Very Shannon today! Lots of glorious colour chat happening. Check it out!
  • Speaking of colour, I am finding myself drawn to so much colourful crochet lately! It's the perfect vehicle for multicoloured gorgeousness. Maybe I need to start a new project. Maybe something really sweet like this one?
  • I found this post so inspiring today. I love these women. I'm going to be referencing these quotes when I need a kick in the pants.
  • I finally took pictures of Rowan in his awesome new R&R Hoodie (totally copied this one). Many of the photos (ok, most of the photos) are blurry like the one above, but a few are not and they are framers! Best boy ever!