All socks yarn, all the time.


I'm at a weird point in my knitting where I've cast off all the major projects I was working on. I consider major projects to be things like sweaters and new designs. Things that require more of a commitment and more brain power. For a minute there I was left with nothing on my needles and I was feeling super anxious about it. These days, after spending the entire day trying to juggle baby wrangling and work it's all I can do to sit down and work a few rounds on a WIP at the end of the night. I have plenty of knitting energy, but I do not have the brain capacity needed to cast on a new project or make any intelligent decisions in the evenings. So, to make sure that I'm never without an easy, pick up any time project, I'm going to go ahead and cast on for 2 new projects (on top of the pair of socks that I'm almost finished). Above we have the second sock of a pair of toe up lovelies that I'm knitting for Chris in Turtlepurl Yarns trenchcoat colourway. 


Next up is this really gorgeous skein of Hedgehog Fibres BFL Sock yarn in the Havana colourway (this way a Club colourway). I knit this at the cottage this summer and have been really on the fence about what to do with it. It started off as a Smokestack Sock, but then morphed into a fingerless mitt, and now it's almost complete but I'm just really not loving how busy the pattern looks in this variegated colourway and think I'll frog it and knit a pair of plain stockinette socks. Maybe. Looking at this photo I'm having second thoughts yet again. 

And lastly, I have this brand new skein of Spun Right Round SW Sock 80/20 in the fabulous Graffiti colourway. I'm still debating socks vs shawl for this guy. It's really gorgeous and seems too good for a pair of plain socks. I think I'll keep admiring this one for now and see what it tells me it wants to become. The thing is, I do wear hand knit socks every single day from around October to May, so they really do get a lot of love! Socks are not a waste of beautiful yarn, yet somehow the humble sock always takes a back seat in the hierarchy of WIP's. Poor socks.