For the love of Velvet

So, were you all on pins and needles all weekend waiting to find out what sweater I decided to start next!? Well, it actually didn't take me very long to decide. I posted about my uncertainty and then glanced over at my shelves of yarn, saw the Velvet sitting next to the Papaya and that was it. I decided on Monte Rosa, with a few mods to make it fit into my new "lighter weight knits" parameters. I loved this pattern as soon as I saw it, but even when it was first published (back in January I believe) I was already trying to stay away from only knitting with worsted weight yarns so I over looked it. Foolish! Such an amateur mistake. Patterns should be viewed as inspiration, not hard and fast rules. So, I'm knitting my version in a lighter weight yarn (my Yellow Label DK weight) and have gone down a needle size. I have gone up a pattern size to accommodate for my different gauge and am doing a few other mods along the way to make sure the fit is correct. It's actually really not hard. The fact that this sweater is designed top down makes it all that much easier since you can try it on as you go. 

The trickiest part of just about any sweater pattern to adjust is the yoke. That's usually the part with the most complicated shaping and also the part that really needs to fit right. When I thought that I was ready to set aside the sleeve stitches and move forward with the body I decided to put the whole thing on waste yarn and wet block it so I could try it on and make sure that I was on track. The pre-blocked and post-blocked size and fit are quite dramatically different since this pattern includes a lot of cables and lace that really change (relax and open up) with blocking. I was mostly worried that I hadn't added enough length to the yoke and that it was going to be tight around my armpits. I'm normally so inpatient with my knits and don't take the time to do this sort of thing, but I'm glad that I did as I ended up adding 2 more rows before separating for the body and I think that it's going to make a difference. I'll be adding details about all of my mods to my Ravelry project page when I've got them all worked out. 

The pattern is so beautiful and the top down, set in sleeve construction is a new one for me that I am really excited about. I think this sweater is going to fit perfectly when it's all done. Which might be sooner than later as I'm working feverishly on it. The days are getting chillier and I want to wear this thing! 

And don't even get me started on the colour! Velvet. Ah! I've knit a few things in Velvet before and I really do love it. It's like a really rich, dark, full bodied glass of cabernet. So luxurious and beautiful. I feel compelled to share this Velvet Moodboard that I made up some time ago and encourage you all to nab a few skeins of Velvet and indulge in some luxurious knitting. You won't regret it!