Burberry Socks

Pattern: Plain vanilla, toe up socks with a fish lips kiss heel

Yarn: Turtlepurl Yarns striped turtle toes in "Burberry" (colourway now goes by the name "Trenchcoat")

Ravelry project page here

I've already gone on and on about these socks while they were a WIP, but here I go one last time now that they are officially an FO! They are really beautiful and the hand dyed stripes are so crisp and lovely and perfect. I was initially very bothered by the fact that the perfect stripes were disrupted by the style of heel that I had chosen to work, but looking at them now I don't think it's that big of a deal. Next time I would probably work the heel from the other end of the ball so as not to disturb the stripes, but overall these socks are still pretty darn cute. I will definitely use the Fish Lips Kiss Heel again, but not with self striping sock yarn like this. Can you see how in the very center of the heel there is a crisp black line? I don't like that. The heel is simple to work and I much prefer it over the old short row heel that I used to use on toe-up socks, but for self striping sock yarns I'll vote for an afterthought heel every time. 

As a parting gift from me to you I leave you with this adorable shot of Stella:

Happy Wednesday!