Fashion Friday - glamour!

Featured Knit: my Glitz at TFA Shawl.

Yarn: TFA Cosmic Blue Label fingering weight yarn in . 

Hello again Fashion Friday! I love you, I don't know why I don't make more time for you. I promise to be better in the future. 

Last weekend Chris and I attended the wedding of possibly our very first joint friend. The three of us were working together at a restaurant when Chris and I started dating. We initially kept our relationship a "secret" since we were coworkers (and dorks - everybody knew and nobody cared that we were dating.) But Christine was in on it from the beginning. She was our confidant and has been a great friend to both of us every since. 

Being a guest at a wedding is a great opportunity to dress up and put your most glamourous foot forward. I attempted just that in my sequin adorned outfit. None of what I wore was new, but that didn't matter since these are the types of pieces that I love but never get to wear in my regular life. I had the hardest time coming up with an appropriate knit to bring with me incase it got cold! I thought that I was always knitting shawls and assumed that I had a closet full of beautiful shawls just waiting for the right glamourous event to be brought out... but apparently I am completely delusional. As we were heading out the door I chose to wear my Glitz at the Ritz shawl since it has that special sparkle. I like it, and think that it was just fine with the outfit, but man I definitely need to make it a priority to knit myself a silk shawl or stole. Something that I'll always have handy for all the glamourous dates that I'm going to insist Chris take me on from now on since dressing up is so much fun. 

I'm thinking Silver Label Mulberry SIlk in Gold. Any pattern suggestions?