Advice needed - leave it or frog it?

psst :: Today's Etsy Update is live! 

I posted the shot on the left to my Instagram yesterday with this question: "Ok guys, I am really struggling with the colours in this sweater. I love the top but am questioning the fruity, citrusy colours in the bottom half (pink grapefruit, orange blossom, buttercup, lemongrass). They make a gorgeous rainbow and are very pretty colours, but lend a real "tropical fruit" vibe to the whole thing. What do you think? Do I leave it or frog it?"

I'd love to know what you think. What should I do? I really wanted this sweater to have rainbow stripes, similar in feel to the sweater that Rowan is modelling. Both are knit with the same Sand background but for Rowan's sweater I was working with a different palette of yarns (not my own) and it doesn't have those citrusy hits. 

My gut is telling me to leave it and that it's totally fine and awesome the way it is. I can't tell if my gut is just lazy or if I'm over thinking the whole thing. You can't tell from the photo, but I've actually got 90% of the sleeves knit too... with the same stripe sequence. I think that what's really bugging me is that had I started this sweater just a little bit later I would have had my Etsy Update colourways sorted out and I bet that replacing Buttercup, Orange Blossom and Lemongrass with Gold, Pumpkin and Chartreuse would rid me of all my doubts! - same rainbow effect without the smoothie touch. But seeing as how I used Buttercup and Lemongrass as the first two colourways at the top of my sweater, doing that switch out might mean that I have to start again from scratch. So… lots to consider!

Help, what do I do!?