Vacation knitting plans

Judging by the stacks of yarn I have packed for vacation knitting , how long do you think I'll be away from home... 2 months? a year? Nay, not even close. I have way overpacked, but at least I am very confident that I will not run out of yarn while I'm away from my stash. Below is a very fancy collage I made with 4 different styles of arrows (ooh lala! That's how you know it's very fancy!) explaining what my plans are for all that yarn. 

Realistically I would be thrilled if I put a good dent in the two little sweaters for Rowan. His fall wardrobe needs them, so that would be a great start. Not pictured is a pair of socks that are about 75% done, I hope to finish them too, maybe even wear them if the nights get chilly. That's why I've brought a back-up skein of sock yarn, I don't think that I'll finish these, but it's always nice to have a pair of socks on the needles. And lastly, because I'm nothing if not overly ambitious, I've brought a bucket-full of colourful scraps and a few skeins of Sand because I just cannot stop dreaming about my life with this perfect striped sweater in it. So if I can figure out a way to finish a pair of socks, knit 2 sweaters and then cast on another for myself, I will! 

I'll be back with an update on how all of this is progressing... there is a very good chance that I come back with the exact same piles of yarn, still intact and no new sweaters to show for it. I just never know what the weather will be like, how social I'll feel, what I'll be doing in the evenings. I have been known to go on vacation and not knit a single stitch. But then again, I've also had some very productive holidays, so I have to be prepared for anything! 

A little bit OCD perhaps? You have no idea how long I've been planning these projects. Seriously, I have been whittling down my list of holiday knitting for weeks! The smart thing to do is pack 1 skein of lace weight yarn and knit a simple pattern (like Aubade!) but since I'm clearly insane I have chosen the exact opposite approach and have packed 100 skeins of yarn. :)